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Economic Recovery 

COVID-19 has placed unprecedented economic challenges on our city and State.  Colorado’s thriving economy has come to a grinding halt and many Coloradans are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table. The focus of the next legislative session will be a plan for long term economic recovery and the plan must provide effective support for small businesses, corporations and individual, hard-working Coloradans. 
A successful economic recovery plan can and will only succeed if TABOR’s limitations on a multi-year fiscal commitment are lifted. During the initial recovery period, Colorado will not be generating sufficient revenue to appropriately fund a viable economic recovery plan. The investments and economic aid that we provide to Coloradans and their businesses must be able to rely on future tax revenue and not only what is available to the state in the relevant budgetary year. TABOR does not allow that to occur. There is no better time to overturn TABOR then when we see the direct effect TABOR will have on preventing a successful economic recovery for Colorado.  

Transportation and Infrastructure 

Each and every day that we commute to our children’s schools, work, or our everyday activities and errands, it feels that commute gets longer and longer, and our roads and highways are continuously in a state of disrepair. Every extra minute we are on the road is time away from our families, money out of Colorado’s economy, and more carbon emissions contributing to further damage our fragile environment. For those riding their bicycles to their daily activities, residents of HD6 know that the bike lanes we do have are insufficient and so many of my neighbors feel that they put their lives at risk every time they get on their bike. For those that enjoy going up to the mountains for our great Colorado skiing, we all know too well the hours it takes to successfully make the trip. Even tourists that once made Colorado their first choice for ski and mountain vacations are seeking out other states that have easier access from their largest airports to their best ski resorts. Colorado must seek a consistent, efficient, and carbon-neutral rail transit option to get Coloradans and visitors from Denver to the mountains. Whether that is through direct government investment or public-private partnership, ensuring the success of our tourism industry through efficient and environmentally friendly means must be a priority for us. As your representative, I will prioritize investment in transportation and infrastructure, including the implementation of managed bus lanes in urban settings and investing in environmentally-friendly transit. I also will prioritize evolving our most important travel corridor, I-70, our pathway to the mountains and a transit route essential to our tourism-based economy.

LGBTQIA+ Rights 

As a legislator, it will be my responsibility and commitment to ensure the law works on behalf of all Coloradans, and that everyone is considered equal underneath it. LGBTQIA+ individuals deserve to live without fear of discrimination or retaliation, legal or otherwise. As a lawmaker, I will work hard to ensure our laws respect every individual, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity; that Colorado businesses who practice in unethical or discriminatory ways are held accountable; and that outdated legislation is abolished or updated to reflect a more equal future. To allow all Coloradans to achieve their version of the American dream, we must live without fear, and with the promise of protection, acceptance, and celebration regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Women's Rights 

In a state that pioneered women’s suffrage, it should go without saying that women deserve equal treatment, pay, and opportunity. I strongly support, and will advocate for, legislation that equalizes the workplace, whether ensuring Colorado’s women are paid at the same level as their male counterparts; or working with lawmakers, businesses, and community members to eradicate workplace sexual harassment. I will help enact legislation that holds our public Universities to a higher standard of accountability than the federal government’s Title IX rules, which make reporting and adjudicating sexual assault even more difficult for victims and survivors. Finally, should a woman’s right to choose ever be threatened at a federal level, I will work with the legislature to ensure it is protected here in Colorado. Colorado is and must remain a place of equality for people of all genders, and I will make it my priority to protect this equality in the legislature. 

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