Fresh air. Pristine alpine lakes. Unparalleled ski slopes. Breathtaking mountains. Colorado’s natural resources are not only a source of statewide pride, but also a main factor in our economic growth as residents and visitors alike flock to visit the great outdoors. Clean land, air, and water are precious environmental assets that must be preserved for our future generations. 


Far too often, our federal government fails to enact legislation that sufficiently protects these resources. As a result, at a state level, we must lead in protecting, preserving, and improving our environment. As your representative in the State Legislature, one of my core priorities will be to ensure these environmental protections by working proactively to craft policy aimed at conservation and preservation.


Some of my key agenda items include:

  • Water: As a headwater state for most of the American West, water is one of Colorado’s most important — and fraught — resources. The strain we have put on our environment has threatened the availability of this resource, and limited people’s access to water rights. Without swift and thoughtful action, we will lose this invaluable natural resource. I will make it a priority to enact legislation — solidifying a statewide policy document to guide water-resource allocation, including addressing water in local comprehensive plans  — that ensures water does not become a political bargaining chip, but rather remains a viable, accessible, and plentiful resource. 

  • Public Transit: Transportation is one of the easiest and most critical ways that Denverites and Coloradans can reduce their carbon footprint. However, in order to make this a viable option, our public transit system needs to be accessible, affordable, and efficient. Additionally, to make certain that use of public transit is having a positive impact on our planet, we must ensure that it is carbon-neutral. That’s why the implementation of a carbon-neutral rail system, including to and from outdoor recreation areas, is one of my core priorities in office. 

  • Bike Lanes: Like public transit, opting for transportation options other than driving — like walking or biking — can significantly reduce Coloradans’ environmental impact. But, for those riding their bicycles to their daily activities, residents of HD6 know that the bike lanes we do have are insufficient. Many of our neighbors feel that they put their lives at risk every time they get on their bikes. Creating safe and ample bike lanes throughout our city will encourage Coloradans to use bikes rather than cars — reducing their carbon footprint — while also ensuring no one feels put at risk when they opt for this environmentally friendly option. 

  • Energy: Ensuring that Colorado is able to achieve the goal of utilizing 100% renewable energy by 2040 is a priority for me, and I believe we can meet and even accelerate that timeline. The legislature must support this effort, and I will lead on this issue to make sure that we receive our energy from 100% renewable sources in our lifetime. 

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